Saturday, 15 March 2014

'Parfums Sucrés' - My Guilty Pleasure!

Welcome to south west France, where I spent three wonderful years. This morning I would love you to join me in the city of Angouleme, as I return to my favourite chocolatier, 'Parfums Sucrés' on Rue Postes.

Now, we all need a treat sometimes and a visit to, 'Parfums Sucrés' is my guilty pleasure! 

Before we go in, though, let's step back and admire the Artisan approach of the French, to the concept of the Salon de Thé.  Each pastry is a work of art, crafted with love and the display under the glistening lights of the comptoir, resembles a jewellers window. The pinnacle of excellence in the genre can be enjoyed at Ladurée on the Champs Elysées, where the beauty of the macaroons is mirrored in the decadent decor of the salon itself!

Of course, Parfums Sucrés cannot match Ladurée with its sumptuous decor, but its pastries and wonderful chocolates, crafted with the same love and attention, would not be out of place in the salons of Paris. There are, of course, many such establishments in towns all over France.  Today, I invite you to come with me to my favourite, in the heart of the walled city of Angouleme, perched high on its promontory overlooking the beautiful Charente countryside.
Once inside, we find ourselves surrounded by displays of chocolates and biscuits beautifully wrapped in coloured cellophane. Pretty pink and white meringues, next to delicious cocoa covered truffles, make delightful gifts and point the way to the counter or comptoir, where one is invited to choose something to enjoy in the salon above.  After a difficult decision, where one is spoilt for choice, we make our way upstairs to our table.

No frustrating queueing with an awkward tray at Parfums Sucrés. Instead we make ourselves comfortable at a table by the window, while a pretty waitress arrives to take our drinks order. At this point, for me, there is only one choice, their delicious hot chocolate. It arrives in its own beautiful little pot, with accompanying cup and saucer.  On pouring, it can only be described as liquid chocolate! Simultaneously, as if by magic, the culinary works of art chosen at the counter below, appear plated and placed on the table for our delectation. There is nothing left to do, but sit back and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere of the Salon de Thé. 

But don't take my word for it! Why not try out your linguistic skills - with this review of Parfums Sucrés in French.

Je suis une personne très gourmande et j'ai trouvé mon paradis des gâteaux. La qualité est excellente, patisserie fine, le choix varié avec des thèmes en fonction des saisons et des évènements, comme la fête des mère, ou halloween etc... Une multitude de possiblités de faire des cadeaux sympas et gourmands. L'accueil est très bon, de bons conseils à écouter. Je recommande fortement, moi je ne peux plus m'en passer...